9 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

In today’s busy world keeping a neat and tidy home is not always easy. However, when we are on the run and short on time having an organized space can make our lives more manageable. A clutter-free home is all the rage these days and there are many beneficial reasons why this is so.

Decluttering a home may appear overwhelming but it is enjoyable if you follow a few simple steps. Perhaps you want to simplify your life or you are downsizing, either way tidying your space is a positive undertaking. If you are looking for a residence to buy and keep clean Springfarm Yorkhill Ontario has homes for sale. Whether you are moving or staying follow these simple tricks for a tidy abode.

Step One – Plan 

Make a game plan and write it down. Hold yourself accountable. Try and be honest with yourself about how long it will take to go through each room. If you only have space in your life to do it on Sundays create a schedule and stick to it. Set time aside and prioritize the process. Give yourself a little treat when you finish each task.

Step Two – Choosing Rooms 

Some people suggest going room by room while others recommend sorting through categories. I prefer room to room. I often start with my clothes and shoes but I do find I can stall out here. In order to keep moving forward begin with the easier rooms and then work towards the more difficult ones. I am a firm believer of visual progress and this ensures just that.

Step Three – Closets 

Clearing your closets of clutter means you have created a place to move your belongings into. Be ruthless when going through the stuff that is filling your closets as we often hide things we no longer use behind their doors. Put up some shelves if you have space and customize each closet to suit its individual purpose whether it be for your brooms and mops or your clothes.

Step Four – Empty Boxes

In order to proceed in an orderly fashion I would recommend having some empty boxes on hand. For the things you plan on storing get see-through containers with clipping lids as this makes it easier to find things when they are needed. Make sure to label each container. Have some empty cardboard boxes nearby to put the possessions you plan on donating inside.

Step Five – Start in the Kitchen 

If your plan is to go room by room then at this point you will want to choose your first one. I think starting with the kitchen is a good spot as we use this room so often and it is nice to have it organized. If you have chosen a category then decide which you will start with. Paperwork is a great option as it somehow seems to find its way into each of the rooms in our homes. 

Step Six – Storage 

Once you have gone through the rooms or categories you will need a location to keep the storage containers. You may want to put some shelving units into your garage, basement or attic. This will make it so much easier when you want to get to something you need. Keep things like seasonal gear in an easily accessible place as you use them each year.

Step Seven – Donating 

Now you will want to think about the things you are not storing or donating. Make certain you have a designated space for everything. If after you have categorized your possessions you still find yourself with stuff without a home make sure to create one or contemplate whether you really need it.

Step Eight – Keeping it Clutter Free 

Once your home is neat, tidy and organized you will want to keep it that way. This is another great time to come up with a game plan moving forward. Write down your goals in respect to keeping your home clutter-free and aspire to hold yourself accountable in the future. Keep a few empty containers and boxes in one of your storage spaces so you can easily funnel out of use stuff into them.

Step Nine – Remember Your Motivation 

Always try to remember why you started the de-cluttering in the first place. When your things start piling up again take a moment to close your eyes and think about what your home felt like before all that superfluous stuff was organized and donated. An organized house is a relaxed and calm space. Keep this in mind and keep it up.

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