The Essential Spring Cleaning List

Winter is on the way out and you can feel spring in the air. It is no longer dark when you wake up and dark when you head home from work. The winter slog is coming to an end and not only is the sun shining but it has some heat to it. It is time to take off the toques and rid your hands of the mittens. Spring has sprung and you now have a spring in your step. With clear eyes you survey your home and see it is time for your annual spring cleaning.

For the first few days you are super into it and are enjoying going through your things and making donations to your local thrift store. Your duster makes you happy and the first few rooms go like gangbusters but then you start to fizzle out. The solution to this is to come up with a good list and check off all that needs to be done. Visual progress is a must. We asked Springfarm Yorkhill, Ontario real estate agent Sol Kahane what to put on the list.

  1. Put Away Winter Gear

I do not know about you but I find that my family’s winter gear takes up vital space long after we need it. This is a good place to start your cleaning. Winter coats, boots, skis and sleds are bulky and take up a lot of room. If you do not have proper storage containers get some and fill them. Find an out of the way area to neatly stack them. Consider higher up shelves in the garage for the outdoor play things like snowboards.

  1. Pack Up Sweaters

This is also a good time to go through your family closets. I always have clear Tupperware containers that I switch out each season. Your sweaters and turtlenecks can take the place of the warmer weather clothes you packed in September or October. This will clear up precious closet space as well as stop your cold weather things from becoming dust collectors during the summer months.

  1. Clear the Winter Clutter

The months leading up to Christmas can be so busy we barely have time to dust the shelves and wash the floors. Then the January, February blues hit and dealing with the mounds of school papers and busy surfaces can seem overwhelming. Spring comes and we are finally ready to face it. Take a day or two to focus only on this part of the mission. Go through everything leaving surfaces clear and floors ready to mop.

  1. Fridge Deep Clean

Though we keep our fresh veggies and left-overs in the fridge to be eaten the next day, somehow our fridges seem to become storage places for expired food. Spills do not always get wiped up. Before we know it our fridge is in serious need of a major cleaning. Spring is a great time to deal with this. Pull out all the shelves and racks and scrub them to sparkling, wipe out the rest and voila, a fresh fridge.

  1. Stove Scrub

Now that the fridge is clean it is time to focus your attention on the stove. Scrub under the burners and replace the catch trays. If you have a flat top make sure you have the special cleaner on hand and scrub the surface being careful not to scratch it. Put your oven on self-clean mode. Once it has finished its cycle it should be easy to wipe out with a damp dish rag. How nice to have a sanitized fridge and stove.

  1. Scour the Bathroom

For me the three things I put off in my weekly cleaning is the fridge, stove and the dreaded bathroom. Of course I will give it a quick wipe but the tub is usually not scrubbed and I do not always get to the bottom of the toilet. During spring cleaning this is the time to really give your bathrooms a full-on scrub. Wipe down the walls and the corners. This will leave you feeling proud of your spotless bathroom.

  1. Banish the Dust

Down and dirty dusting is essential when it comes to spring cleaning. Do not forget to wash your blinds and use a cloth on the often forgotten high surfaces like the top of the fridge or your inside doors. Empty your bookshelves of books and trinkets before wiping the shelves and freeing your decorations from the layers of dust. Do not forget to vacuum under the beds.

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