What Are Fireplace Mantels And What Are Their Benefits?


Fireplace mantels are decor pieces that are made to sit around the fireplace of a chimney. Amongst many materials, it is cast stones that make the best raw materials to make a fireplace mantel. It is because cast stones like limestone have many advantages to their credit that make them worthy of your money. You can find out more about the advantages, features, and benefits of limestone fireplace mantels in the guide to follow.


# They Are Sustainable And Strong


Limestone can withstand high temperature without burning or charring. Besides, its color does not fade for years. Limestone mantels also have 1 special quality of being able to endure chimney fire from all sources – wood, oil, as well as well gas. It makes them even stronger and valuable


# They Save Power


Winters consume more electricity that’s needed to keep a room warm. It ends up in a fat electricity bill. But cast stones have the ability to absorb warmth from the fire. This warmth keeps the entire room cozy, eliminating the need for electricity for insulation from cold. So, cast stone fireplace mantels should be your ideal pick if you’re located in the cold parts of the world


# They Enhance Interiors

Omega fireplace mantels are known to be handmade by true artisans from the line of cultural families that behold the age-old technique of building stone structures that are as strong and beautiful as those of the early European times. Such fireplace mantels can be cut in unique shapes other than the regular rectangles and squares


# They Come In Commendable Patterns


Limestone fireplace mantels are finely polished and they can recite the beauty of stunning colors and finish like Chocolate diamond, Gray open cast, pearl diamond, ash honed, and buff open cast. You can also place orders for custom made alluring overmantels that redefine beauty and class


# They Come In Different Price Range


Who says you need to spend a fortune to own a fireplace mantel? When chosen from genuine companies like omega mantels, you get to explore various options that fall well within the budget. Besides, such companies offer jaw-dropping discounts that you can avail to purchase a dreamy limestone fireplace for your house


# They Are One Time Economical Investments


Limestone fireplace mantels require just 1 precaution to continue with their beauty for years and years – do not allow anything combustible to come in contact with the mantel. Also, they are easy to clean and can be made multipurpose too. For example, you can order a cabinet fireplace mantel for additional storage space that’ll help in making the house look spacious and tidy





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